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Explore Ana Tzarev's recent exhibitions through the videos below. To learn more about each event and see further images, please visit our Exhibition pages.

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Dreaming, Monaco
25 April - 09 May 2017

Ana Tzarev is pleased to announce her upcoming exhibition…
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Celebration of Life, Venice
9 May 22 November 2015

In Celebration of Life, Ana Tzarev presents…
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Wonderland, Beijing
19 January - 25 February 2014

With a selection of 58 vivid paintings and 10 sculptures…
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Singapore Installation Video
6 August 2013 - 28 February 2014

Love & Peace marks its first stop in Asia with an…
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Prague Installation Video
1 May - 31 August 2013

Ana Tzarev's Love & Peace flower blooms in Prague.…
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Ana Tzarev – The Life of Flowers, Rome
15 January – 15 Feburary 2013

'The Life of Flowers' exhibition presented at…
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London Installation Video
9 December 2012 - 8 September 2013

A time lapse video of the installation of Ana Tzarev's…
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Ana Tzarev – Masterpiece Theatre, Venice
30 June – 06 September 2012

In celebration of Tzarev’s debut exhibition in Venice…
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Ana Tzarev says it with flowers
May 2012

Croation-born painter Ana Tzarev, who spent most of…
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Exposed: A Secret Garden – Paris
April 2012

On 10 April 2012 Ana Tzarev opened her travelling…
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Legends of the Japanese Kabuki Stage
15 March - 05 May 2012

This exhibition features paintings influenced by…
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Exposed: A Secret Garden – Istanbul
December 2011

Ana Tzarev recently debuted her latest work at…
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May 2010

A video of the exhibition Dispossessed, featuring…
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Grace of Africa
October 2009

A video of the exhibition Grace of Africa, which…
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Places to Remember
August 2009

A brief overview of the exhibition Places to…
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Floating World Exhibition
March 2009

A Gallery walk-through of the Floating World…
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Floating World Exhibition Opening
March 2009

Almost seven hundred art enthusiasts flocked to The…
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Influences of Black Ink Drawing

Ana Tzarev on traditional Japanese Ink Paintings…
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Dogon Mask Dance

In the state of Mali live one of the most fascinating…
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Art of Japan

Ana Tzarev has created a significant body of works…
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The Story of Love & Peace

Ana Tzarev talks about how her giant flowers of Love…
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The World of Ana Tzarev

Ana Tzarev is a special artist who travels where tourists…