“My Lovers sculpture emerged as a tribute to the transforming power of Love. I was moved to capture Love as a timeless and elemental force, the eternal pull of a tide drawing two people together. The figures of Lovers are bound up in waves, channeling the energy of the waters from which all life emerged eons ago. Man and woman melt into one another, entwined. Like Eve being formed from Adam's rib, they are unified both in body and in spirit to share their ecstasy. These figures are avatars of pure adoration. They exist in their own private world, lost in bliss within each other's arms.


It was through Love that the world was born, the maker and caretaker of Life. It is potent, immutable, and a true magic unlike any other. Like the urge to create, it possesses you fully, moving you to act. Its magnetic allure has been praised and lamented throughout the ages, breathing inspiration into masterworks of writing, music, and visual art.” 

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