Face à Face

Mrs Elizabeth Lamblin de Mac Mahon, HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and the Croation Ambassador at Leonardo Fine Art. Palazzo Leonardo, Monaco

22 Jan - 1 Feb 2019

Press Release

The land v the sea: a mirror reflection and perceptions from le Cap. Two women artists from their Riviera studios.

Two visions, two practices, two writings. Ana Tzarev finds her inspiration inland describing the garden surrounding her. Her gigantic and powerful flowers boast a theatrical effect enticing the viewer to a feminine and caring world. She juxtaposes her colours, often complementary, in the manner of the expressionists with thick brushstrokes or paint used directly from the tube, thus creating a lively and sculptural surface.

Carol Bruton  observes the restless patterns of light and oxygen in the sea offering her vision from the depths of the water. She transcribes her swimming journeys in the Mediterranean and subsequent emotions boasting organic and monochrome shapes enhanced by the use of bohemian crystal or a mirror-liked finish in her sculptures, in the manner of Jeff Koons.

Like an invisible reflective screen that separates both arts, the exhibition will feature mono-hanging within contiguous rooms inviting for a full immersion within the artists’ worlds, the sea v the land, yet united by the warm Mediterranean light and engaging subjects. Further works from other collections will be available throughout the gallery.

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