Shinnosuke's Dance (Renjishi)
Shinnosuke's Dance (Renjishi), 2005
oil on linen

Masterpiece Theatre

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
24 April - 24 May 2014

Ana Tzarev's appreciation for Japanese culture is a passion that runs deep into her body of work: her studies of Eastern art history had a profound impact on the development of her own style and approach. The works displayed in Masterpiece Theatre were inspired by numerous visits to kabuki performances, enabling Tzarev's paintings to transcend mere interpretation of historical art by encapsulating the dynamic energy of live theatre. Tzarev's scenes and kabuki paintings of Japan's ukiyo-e tradition are bound by a common intention: much as ukiyo-e was hailed as "art of the masses," Tzarev's pieces speak to contemporary audiences through the use of vivid colours and kinetic textures, in line with visual language of modern art.