New York n26
New York n26

Milijada Barada: New Works

Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York
01 June - 30 September 2013

The subjects of Milijada Barada’s gestural but measured works seem to emerge from a fury of strokes. Her turbulent oceans, intimate portraits, and sweeping cityscapes possess a truly textural quality, produced by both brush and palette knife. One can readily be lost in the visionary worlds created through her methodical yet rapid approach, flowing between the highly visible process of each piece and its gestalt. Barada’s deep understanding of the interplay of color and light is what gives her artwork such gravitas. The collision of swirling, murky hues and flashes of brightness comprise a style that is singular and complete.

On view for the first time is Barada’s series of paintings depicting the iconic Manhattan skyline as viewed from the East River, where city and water meet. Each brushstroke guides the eye higher, from the expressive motion of water to the upward rise of a city, finally coming to rest on living sky. The detailed compositions and dynamic palette of each painting strongly evokes memory, emotion, and dreams.

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