New Spring
New Spring


Twin 21, Osaka
17 May - 19 May 2013

The exhibition, initiated by the Monaco International Association of Art and in partnership with Reijinsha Co., Ld., celebrated the rich and extensive history of cultural exchange between Japan and Monaco. Artists from both countries contributed works to showcase the varied nature of art produced as a result of relationship between these nations.

Oasis was designed to meet one of the main objectives of UNESCO's International Association of Arts – making it possible "to bring together, raise awareness of and confront the condition of art and artists in the world, through meetings, seminars and exhibitions, in a spirit of peace, tolerance and sharing."

In addition to their paintings, each artist was asked to offer a 20x20cm work to be placed within a unified exhibition mosaic, based around the theme "Hope." This wholly collaborative piece was made in honour of the victims of the Fukushima tsunami, with each piece of the mosaic auctioned at a benefit upon completion of the exhibition.