Patch of Blue
Patch of Blue, 2010
oil on linen
51 1/8 x 76 3/4 inches

The Life of Flowers

Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Rome
15 January - 15 February 2013

Ana Tzarev's The Life of Flowers, organised by Il Cigno GG Edizioni and curated by Marco Tonelli, presents artwork to the public of Rome by an artist characterised by her particular attention to flowers, using precise and lively brush strokes, luminous hues that redefine contours, forms and the substance of material images.

The works of Tzarev are clearly recognisable for their remarkably lively colours and abundant use of tonalities. This is how the Russian critic Alexander Borovsky describes her style: “Ana Tzarev learned to 'capture' pictorial techniques very quickly. She has developed a powerful and gestural style with an energy not dissimilar to that characteristic of the post-impressionists: a bright colour, a three dimensional brush stroke, or rather, bursting shots of colour fired off into the optic space, a triumph of the de-reflective approach, tending towards the acquisition and the mastering of signs of nature.”

According to Tonelli, this tradition can be traced to the water lilies by Monet, the futurist flowers by Balla, the intimist ones by De Pisis, the flower vases by Buffet, the dry flowers by Maffai, the exuberant ones by O’Keefe, and to the ones loaded with death by Warhol. Read Tonelli's full review, "Re-Enchantment", here.

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