Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal, 2011
oil on linen
76 3/4 x 76 3/4 inches

From Istanbul, With Love

Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York
13 December 2011 - 11 February 2012

Ana Tzarev recently debuted her latest work at the Santralistanbul modern art museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition titled "Ana Tzarev Exposed: A Secret Garden" featured vivid, energetic and colourful flowers from around the world. These bold new works by Tzarev symbolize friendship, love and compassion. Sharing her love of flowers with the viewer, Tzarev invites the audience to be a part of her secret garden - an intimate moment between the artist and her love of nature. In conjunction with Tzarev’s exhibition, thirty six-year old children from the city of Beyoglu were invited to walk through the exhibit and learn more about the artwork. Afterwards, the children got a chance to work directly with the artist, creating their very own secret gardens. Inspired by Tzarev’s intense and lively palette , the children created pictures with pigmented crayons. The pictures represented their happiness, love, and friendship. The result was intimate, and colourful drawings that express the children’s sincere love for their far away New York friends.

The Ana Tzarev Gallery is proud to host a corresponding workshop where New York City school children will reciprocate this love for their Turkish friends. Once completed, the drawings, will be sent to Turkey. This project aims to extend friendships around the world through art.