Grace of Africa

Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York
15 October - 19 December 2009

This exhibition features works inspired by the artist Ana Tzarev’s extensive travels throughout Africa where she spent time in numerous regions across the continent. The paintings feature markets, dance ceremonies, scenes of daily life and portraits reflecting Ana Tzarev’s longstanding interest in African history and culture. In her travels Ana Tzarev also witnessed the challenges of war, disease and famine and these encounters are reflected in her powerful images of suffering women and children. This exhibition celebrates the grace, beauty and resilience of the African people in a remarkable body of work that expresses the artist’s heartfelt connection and respect.

"There is much about Africa that inspires me including the magnificent landscape, the vibrant markets and the range of local culture but nothing can compare with the intensity of experiencing firsthand the spirit and dignity of the African people. Their proud land is the cradle of civilization and I have great hope for the future, my paintings are a tribute to the strength and grace of Africa." - Ana Tzarev