Queen Lili'uokalani's Quilt
Queen Lili'uokalani's Quilt, 2003
oil on linen
76 3/4 x 76 3/4 inches

Selected Works by Ana Tzarev: A Tribute to Women

Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York
16 March - 23 April 2011

As seen in Tzarev’s portraits of women from various cultural groups, the strength and subtlety of women is something to be honored, both in casual domestic activities as well as in more specialized settings.

Through Tzarev’s powerful vision of the importance women play within their respective societies, she creates a sense of empowerment both within the gentle expressions of care and love, as well as in the worn faces of those who have suffered tragedy beyond comprehension. It is this sensitivity to both joy and sadness, exultation and pain, that conveys an enduring understanding of the rich lives women live throughout the world.