Ana's Children

Ana's Children is a global initiative established by Ana Tzarev that funds education for underprivileged girls in the developing world. It is a commitment to girls who, because of economic pressures and social discrimination, struggle to attend and stay in school. It places a special focus on empowering girls, helping them to overcome the same obstacles that Ana Tzarev experienced for much of her early life.

Though she transcended the difficulties and opposition, millions of girls do not. Ana's Children aims to give young girls worldwide some of the opportunities that Ana lacked - even something as simple and fundamental as paper and pencils to draw, or an encouraging, safe place to learn.

Ana's Children believes a life can be changed by a single, beautiful moment or opportunity. For some, the moment might be when they hold a brush for the first time and watch colors and shapes emerge, creating something distinct and beautiful with their own hand. For others, it might be attending a symphony or an opera and experiencing the powerful rush of music.

In keeping with her life and her art - in Ana Tzarev's words - this program works to “see the day in which all can live free of darkness and fear, blooming with their faces to the sun.” It supports and inspires women and girls so they are able to paint their greatest work of art - their own life - with the timeless colors of love, truth, joy, and beauty.

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